New Section: Illative Case

The illative case now has its own page. It’s perhaps a little bit more interesting than some of the other case pages. As usual, it can be found at the top menu, or it can be found in one of the charts on the Noun Case page.


New Section: The Genitive Cases

There is now a very extensive page (nearly 2000 words! :O ) that covers all of the detailsĀ pertaining to (uh? uh? šŸ˜‰ ) the genitive case, and all of its myriad of forms.

As per usual, it can be accessed from the top of the page as a sub-page underĀ Noun Case, or it can be accessed by clicking on any of the names of any of the genitive cases in the tables on theĀ Noun CaseĀ page.

I put a lot of work into this one. I spent all day and night on this. @.@

New Page: Inessive Case

I have published a page for the Inessive Case. As per the other cases, it can be accessed from the Noun CaseĀ menu at the top of the screen, or from the tables on the Noun Case page.

Also, I’ve gone back and changed the colour of the light blue slots in my glossed translations to teal, because it’s just much easier on the eyes. The slot in question is representative of a root noun that has been derived into a verb. I plan to put up a page eventually which will explain the colour scheme in my glosses. Light blue has now been reassigned to what was the grey slot (noun case on direct objects that are not incorporated into a verb), which is now light blue instead.