Slow goin’s

For anyone who might actively follow this site, I just wanted to say that I know that I haven’t uploaded any new material in a while. I’ve been working on a completely unrelated project lately. I kind of go back and forth between the two, so even though it’s crawled to a halt for now, it will be picked back up again. This is a perfectly normal part of my process. So if anyone’s wondering if the site is dead, don’t worry, it’s not. ❤

Not that I actually expect that anyone actually actively follows the site, but y’know… just in case. lol.


500 hits!

The site has just reached 500 hits. Thank you. I never imagined that there would be this much interest in the site.

Tessõn seimiråahin.
teiessõn seimiråaihin
2COMPLACC 1NOMplatoniclovedo.PRS.PLN
I [love] you all.
(Lit: Youall Ilovedo)
Tessõn sei’miråahin. ❤

2 = Second person
COMPL = Comprehensive plural
ACC = Accusative case
1 = First person
NOM = Nominative case
PRS = Present tense
PLN = Plain aspect

New Section: Elative Case – Also General Case Reform

I have added a new section for the Elative case.

But what’s more, I have done a bit of an overhaul to the general case paradigm. I have removed the essive case, the exessive case, and the translative case. And a fistful of other cases have been shuffled around a bit as far as their forms are concerned. These changes only affect one case that has already been published to this site, and its page has already been edited to accommodate for the change (namely, the Malefactive case, which has changed from -õhõllõ to -ahal).