Verbal Derivation Revision Pending…

I have realized that at least 36 of my derivational verb suffixes which derive stative verbs are obsolete and do not need to exist. The reason that they’re obsolete (or 24 of them, at least) is because the same thing can be said with an active verb that’s being derived from an essive, exessive, or translative noun. The other 12 are obsolete because I’ve realized that they’re not really distinctive forms, but rather just a modification of already existing forms. Technically, I already knew that it was a modification of already existing forms, but it was only able to modify one set (the plain set), so I still counted it. But I’ve now realized/decided that the same change (which creates a protractive aspect) can be done to every set, so they no longer deserve their own place on the chart.

I don’t have this derivational paradigm published to this website yet, so if you try to find it here, you won’t. 😛 At least not at the time of this writing. I will make another post when I do get around to publishing it, but I think I need to think about this for a while, because I will need to rebalance the rest of the paradigm after the loss of these 36 suffixes.


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