1,000 Hits! Täskädjjiiomø!

Wow! I don’t even know what to say. I never expected that this site would ever reach 1,000 hits. While I know that most of these views are just passing glances, I really appreciate whoever of you who might actually be reading the material here with honest interest.

Also, I’m still considering the whole “introduce ⟨z⟩ into the alphabet” thing. And if I do, then I suppose the spelling of the Duojjin title of this post would become “Täskäziomø”.

I really would like to add in IPA across the examples on this site as a show of appreciation for helping me to reach 1,000 views (for whatever views are really even worth, when you’re not making money from them, lol). But I worry that I’ll end up changing things, and then when I do, having to go back and retrofit all my examples is already hard enough. lol. So I’m reluctant to put IPA or soundbites onto the site until the lexicon is more stable and finalized.

As it stands, the lexicon is the least stable and finalized parts of the language. Probably the least. A decently sized chunk of the vocabulary is stable, but a lot of it isn’t. Maybe most of it. I also have been thinking about a massive re-organization of the lexicon in general. So we’ll have to see what happens in that regard. And can you just imagine if I were to do a massive lexicon alteration after I’d already put IPA on all my examples? lol. It’d be a nightmare.

So, in the absence of that, I guess I’ll just get to work on a new page instead. Best I can do for now. I’ll have to think of which detail I’d like to write about tonight.

Thank you, cherished reader. ❤

Oši, kivastaja. Tein sei’miråahin. ❤


Revision: Phonology Page

The Phonology & Orthography page has just received a fairly sizable amount of revision. The bullet points are better organized, and there are now many more of them, detailing the specific rules of Duojjin allophony. As such, the pending allophony subsection has been removed, as it’s no longer really needed.

New Section: Sandhi & Epenthesis

Two new sections in one day. Busy day, eh?

The Sandhi & Epenthesis Section is now up. You can find it in the top menu.

I used the sandhi subsection that was on the Noun Case Page as the basis for composing this new section. However, I fixed it up a bit, and added a whole lot of additional information, as well as a few graphics and several external (and and a few internal) links.

As such, the sandhi subsection on the Noun Case Page has been significantly truncated, providing a link to the new sandhi section for more information instead.

New Section: Plain Aspect

I have added an extensive page for the plain aspect verb derivations. This page can be found from the menu at the top of the site under “Verbs”, or it can be found from the Derivational Verb Aspect Chart on the Verbs page. I put a lot of thought into it, and it took a long time. I hope that it’s helpful and informative.